2017 Official Selections

Grand Prize - The Art of Recovery directed by Peter Young
Special Jury Prize - Gypsy: Rock & Roll Nomads directed by Aaron Goodyear
Special Jury Prize - I am Grace directed by Christopher H.K. Lee
Best Canadian Film - The Letter Carrier directed by Jesse L Martin, Rick Cosnett 
Best Feature Film - Wilderness directed by Justin John Doherty
Best Animation  - Hope directed by Michael Scherrer
Best Coming of Age - I Dare You directed by Alex Hodgson 
Best Comedy  - Your Money or Your Wife directed by Iain MacLeod
Best Director - Lulu The Movie directed by Michelle Chong
Best Documentary Feature - Orphans of the Genocide  directed by Bared Maronian
Best Documentary Short  - Stewards of The Ocean directed by Chloe Carothers -Liske/ Joe Leibrecht (WildLens)
Best Drama - Wanderer directed by Mark O'Brien, Jake Wilkens
Best Environmental Film - On the Brink: Uncharted Waters directed by Vincent Soberano 
Best Experimental - LIGHT directed by Tatsu Aoki
Best Foreign Film - Elijah's Ashes directed by Ryan Barton -Grimley
Best Short Film - Behind Bars directed by Jeff Wincott
Best Sci -Fi Film - In Memory directed by Robert Kirbyson
Best Music Video - Who Killed Bruce Lee — Born Addicted directed by Chadi Younes
Best Screenplay - This is my Son directed by John Corcoran
Best Family Film - Kids From Camelot directed by Terence E. Wolfe
Best Student Film  - Cheers and Queers directed by Isabella Richter de Medeiros
Best Action Sports Film - Klocked: Women with Horsepower directed by Michelle Carpenter
Best First Time Director - The Duchess of Cancun directed by Mike Gallant
Best Thriller - Life Sentence directed by Jesús Alarcón
Best Television Pilot - My Mechanical Friend directed by Hollie Seidel, Charles Astuto 

2017 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition Winners 

Grand Prize Winners 

1st Place: Skip Day written by Matthew Carr

2nd Place: More written by Emliy Barker

3rd Place: Chasing Rainbows written by Daniela Da Luz

Official Finalists 

The Blooming of a Concrete Rose written by Alexis Louder
Nicoletta written by Samantha Zanjani
I25 words or less written by Christina Katsiadakis
TORN written by Ahmed Bouazzaoui
Our Raccoon Year written by Anil Narine
Deception Pass written by Erik Wiese, Cynthia True
Anywhere written by Mitchell Stephens
Stockholm Syndromes written by Kamila Stopyra
Blood of Art written by Patrick Hampton
I See It Black written by Alberto Olivieri
Going Up written by Hope Thompson

Honorable Mentions 

Hawaiian Shirt written by Laurence FG
The Shadow In The Mirror written by Eylem Cagla
Salacious written by Mona Fuller
Taconite written by Jonathan Fear
The Astral Grid written by Eduardo Soto -Falcon
Entangled written by Sharon Powers
Mad Dash written by William Leonard
Kananaskis written by Brad Himour
Visualize written by Joseph Liu

Television Script Competition 

Grand Prize Winners 

1st Place: The Long Gray Line written by BR Stanley

2nd Place: Michelangelo written by Roberto Lemos

3rd Place: Alexander the Great written by Anthony Liakopoulos

Official Finalists 

Deli Takeout written by Jim Norman
Swing, You Sinners written by Caroline Kilmczuk
The Colony written by Mitchell Stephens
Atlanta 9-1-1 written by B.R. Stanley
Welcome to Beaver World written by Helen Parker
Olympians! written by Jon Dalgaard
Bad Grapes written by Sasha Siljanovic
Transit written by Liam Montgomery
Natas written by Patrick Wolf
The Jane Factor written by Carmel Joyce
Top of Mind written by Michael Badejo