2013 Official Selections

Counting Happiness Grand Prize Award
Counting Happiness - Venetia Evripiotou
In the streets of Delhi, five-year-old Hasan discovers the key to one of life’s greatest secrets. And the secret is, in the words of ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, that “Happiness depends upon ourselves”.

Spaghetti for Two Special Jury Prize
Spaghetti Für Zwei - Matthias Rosenberger
The likeable but lonesome man is on his way to lunch. Awaiting him, the outside world lurks menacingly: in his imagination it swarms with would-be crooks, hussies and criminals. What should have been a routine stroll develops into a dark odyssey, triggering a troubled conflict against himself and against the world... and ultimately, it is the underdog who is victorious.

5 Hour Friends Special Jury Award
5 Hour Friends - Ron Jackson
A life long womanizer gets a taste of his own medicine. Timothy Bonner played by Tom Sizemore is devoted primarily to golf, secondarily to sex and finally to drinking. In the end he discovers cheating hurts and he finds what he really wants - love.

The Interviewer Special Jury Award

The Interviewer - Genevieve Clay and Robin Bryan
Thomas Howell gets more than he's bargained for in a job interview at a prestigious law firm; an insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter and the chance to change the lives of a father and son.

Sigilo Secrecy Special Jury Award

Sigilo (Secrecy) - Karla Gomez Keep
Two women are taking care of a household full of children, there is no time to answer all their questions, and that only feeds child's curiosity.

Surf Boreal Best Canadian Film

Surf Boreal The Film - Myriam Caron
Filmed over four years, surfers develop their passion on Quebec's North Shore, while the latter undergoes a massive industrial transformation. Simon Gauthier, the storyteller, shares his fantastical take on these 'seal-men' who have certainly made a pact with the devil...with the filmmaker Myriam Caron, who carries within herself the same affliction as the one carried by the Saint-Lawrence's sea mammals.

Little Red Best Feature Film
Little Red - Tate Bunker
In a contemporary retelling of 'Little Red Riding Hood,' a wolfish creep named Lou, played by Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Seinfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), stalks preteen Milwaukeean 'Red' on her whimsical, runaway trip to Florida. Happily ever after does not come easily, or without a price, in this hauntingly beautiful adventure film.

I Hate You Red Light Best Animation
I Hate You Red Light - Juan Manuel Urbina and M.R. Horhager
The perfect morning is ruined for Fred, when he gets stopped by every Red Light on his drive into work.

Honey Bee Hill Best Coming of Age
The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill - Bob Pondillo
A young female pines for true love, but when she finds her 'special someone' she also finds a heap of trouble!

The Op Shop Best Comedy
The Op Shop - Lee Rogers
A mysterious donation sends the sales clerks of a suburban op shop (thrift shop) on a journey of self-discovery.

Sleeping in Blood City Best Director
Sleeping in Blood City - Shaun Katz
Sleeping In Blood City' tells the tale of a gun for hire, a lone wolf - simply known as Ghost, who has spent his life honing his killer instincts as a professional hitman.

A Royal Comission Best Documentary
A Royal Commission - Ninon Larochelle
Renowned portrait painter Phil Richards invite us in his studio to discover how he creates the new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for her Diamond Jubilee.

Matts Chance Best Drama
Matt's Chance - Nicholas Gyeney
A dark comedic tale about love, revenge, and the fickle nature of human morality. Matt, a dark and brooding 30s cowboy, has just witnessed the ultimate betrayal. After walking in on his fiancée sleeping with another man, and learning that she pawned her engagement ring to pay for the abortion of their unborn son, Matt begins spiraling downward into a quest for revenge that pits him face to face with the mafia, corrupt bankers, a trash talking priest, and even God himself.

Terra Sacra Time Lapses Best Experimental Film
Terra Sacra Time Lapses - Sean White
'Terra Sacra' - Latin for Sacred Earth. Canadian filmmaker Sean F. White celebrates our sacred Earth with this breathtaking compilation of surreal landscapes and ancient monuments from around the globe. Photographed over six years, in 24 countries, and on seven continents.

Robyn O. Best Foreign Film
Robyn O. (14) - Cecilia Verheyden
Teenage girl Robyn is desperate about joining her older brothers on parties, but they don't want her around. When their parents leave for a business trip, Robyns little brother manages to realize what she has never been able to. She totally loses control.

No Messages Best Short Film
No Messages - Cian McGarrigle
No Messages is a slice-of-life short comedy following Dave, a beleaguered Irish barman, over the course of one long day. As he waits for an important phonecall Dave has to put up with advice from his hungover boss and the pub's irritating regular (aptly named The Cock) as well as dealing with the nagging suspicion that he has no idea where the hell his life is going. But sometimes when you're drifting aimlessly, that much-needed kick up the arse can come when you least expect it.

Vaseline Best Music Video
Vaseline - The Funk Factory
When musicians Brandon and Leah approached the Funk Brothers about directing their music video everybody knew it was going to be aces-high, so they strapped on the chaps and saddled up for a wild one. 

Mail Mo Best Screenplay
Mail Mo - Bret MacDonald
As a second generation mail man thousands of love letters have flown through Morris Morton's hands, none to which he was ever the recipient. On one dreary spring day Mo accidentally brings home a love letter addressed to another and hence forth heads down a slippery slope to becoming the mail man who reads your mail.

Love Thing Web Best Family Film
It's A Love Thing - Andy Dodd
Set in England, 1982, it's a love thing charts the relationship between a young boy and girl brought together by their shared love of sci-fi - primarily Star Wars.

Amalgamations Best Student Film
Amalgamations - Elaine Poon
Crossing between the worlds of the imagined and the real, through mythology and present time - a young author Damian rediscovers his passion for writing after meeting his muse, Clio. Though she is a traveler from Belgium only passing through town for a week, that doesn't hinder Damian's infatuation. The deeper he falls for her, the richer his imagined world becomes.

Bloody Henry Best First Time Director
Bloody Henry - Angelique Papadelias
Jane has come home to her inner west home at Christmas time to realize she has got an interview early in the morning. She prepares for the following day, trying to get a good nights sleep when she discovers she is not alone. Who is in the house? What do they want? What is in store for Jane? Will she make it to Christmas day?

Beyond the Mat Best Sports Film
Beyond the Mat - Van Pham
Set against the backdrop of a suburban high school in Middle America, Beyond the Mat is the coming of age tale of Aaron Miller. Amidst the struggle of a disintegrating friendship, the tormenting of a crosstown wrestling rival, and the blossoming of a new love, Aaron is forced to come to terms with who he really is.

I Spyders Best Thriller
I Spyders - William Allinson
John hates his job. He works long-hours for little pay, and is waiting to receive his bonus and finally quit. Problem is he works for Dave. Throwing around buzzwords to appear competent, Dave spends the rest of his time playing bad music, reading fake emails and eating grapes. As a token of appreciation, Dave offers his grapes to John who brings them home not realizing a spider is clinging onto the bunch. Unfortunately for John that night the spider crawls into his head. With time ticking until his bonus is owed and a head full of spiders, it’s only a matter of time before John gets an eye-opening experience.

2013 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winners
1st Place: "Disabled Parking" written by Alon Bar
2nd Place: "Twin Graves" written by Paul Ellington
3rd Place: "Crazier Than You" written by Amy Jo Johnson

Official Finalists
"Harley" written by Jamie Roberts
"Goodbye Komarom" written by Sheldon Schiffer & Dr. Amir Kovács
"Charlie Horse" written by Lynn Marie Ross
"Destiny's Ride" written by Debbie McGregor
"Clean Up Aisle 5" written by Michael Zamanis
"Steens Folly" written by Jeffrey Gold
"Skin" written by Alberto Diamante
"Marriagehood" written by John Harris
"Respect the Order" written by Dwight Stephen
"A Mother's Love" written by Camille Mitchell
"Loveband" written by Nicola Pedrozzi
"Type" written by Alicia Hendley

Honorable Mentions
"Solider Dog" written by James Christopher
"Silence of Life" written by Venkata Muni Dekka
"Cake" written by Patrick Tobin
"Chasing Rabbits" written by Heather Kenihan
"You Bet" written by Sky Wang
"The Helping Stone" written by Robert Toiz
"Where is Sophia?" written by Bogdan Muresanu
"Campus Knights" written by Christopher Foley
"The Granny Diaries" written by Cecilia Mavrow
"Dating Alfie" written by Paul Ellington

2013 Rising Star Award Winners

Feature Competition
Less Lost - Chase Conner
The Scar - Jimmy Larouche
Anita Ho - Steve Myung
Always Learning - Robert Krakower
Throw Away People- David McLoughlin
Ogiwara Ikuzo - Morihiko Hasebe
Qui a Tue Cendrillon - Laurent Ardoint
Foreignness - Fraid Garas and Shenouda Gewaid
One Good Reason - Scott Sawyer
Democracy at Work - Wasko Khouri

Animation Competition
Elysain Fields - Ina Conradi
Machinehead - Micah Gallagher
Bepe Paur Ve'oznaim Atzumont - Emily Noy and Tom Madar
Golem - Tobias Wiesner and Patrick Mccue
Scrap Metal - Anthony Straus
The Sinister Cellar - Philip Vallentin
Rail - Jack Tilley
Tengri - Alisi Telengut
Bhavri - Sonia Gaud Tiwari
Mikey - Jaco Dukes

Canadian Film Competition
Route of Acceptance - Heather Tobin
Nature's Invitation - Brandy Yankchyk
The Environmentalist - Jacob Bond
Headcase - Ken Simpson
Fortune Cookie Prophecies - Henry Li
The Pilgrimage - Tavi Parusel
Victoria to Vancouver - Christopher Shoust
Waiting for Summer - Senthil Vinu
The Incidental - Rouzbeh Noori
Captive - Jordan Brown

Documentary Competition
Beware of the Dogs - Jeff Kennedy  
Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra - Firas Sameer
Caravan Of Hope - Alejandro Pereira
The Institute - Spencer McCall
Mast & Sail - E. Conor Hagen
Red, White, Black & Blue - James Brown
The Suffering Grasses - Lara Lee
Digital Dharma - Dafna Yachin
Blood Brother - Steve Hoover
Natsanat - Cheryl Halpern

Music Video Competition
Secret Fear - Daniel Bedingfield
Waiting for Godot - Catilin Pashalek
Let Your Light Shine - Bridge & Tunnel Communications
To Deteriorate - Taras Groves
Googleable - Luisa Valencia
Boomgates - Daniela Velickovic
A House, A Home - Daniel Fickle
Star - Candace Schmidt
The Living Things - Phil Davis
Sigur Ros "Dauoalogn" - Ivan Landau

Screenplay Competition
"Survival of the Fittest" written by Jeff Affrunti
"Grace" written by Jeffrey A. Russel
"The Wolf Pack" written by Lindsay Giannola
"One Missed Step" written by Barbara Morris
"The Last Indian War" written by Michael Graf
"Neversleep" written by Giles Daoust
"The Air I Breathe" written by Hermione Flavia
"The Yellow House" written by Harley Hay
"Snake Oil" written by Alicia Hendley

Short Film Competition
The Long Road - Lori Ravensborg
Valse Favorite - Deborah Helpert
Flowers - Jack Webb
A Hero's Return -  Daryl Denner
The Prairies of Canada - Nathan Davies
Bangladesh: A climate trap - Ami Vitale
The Zen of Rowing - Kevin Caners
Goose Family - Seung Yeob Lee
The Boat - Somchay Phakonkham
2-A Short Film - Kegan Sant

Student Film Competition
Children without Parents - Casey Puccini
Mr. Monster - Simon Hung
Trees - Bryan Tranminh
Natural 20 - Brusta Brown
Remain - Pauline Galtie
The Voice of A Fish - Ferdinando Dell'Omo
Fortune Faded - Alexander Heringer
Jamon - Ira Lopez
Beauty Queen - Anna Fleury
Undocumented Dreams - Sara Masetti

2013 Royal Reel Winners

Feature Competition
Locomotive - Jeremy Waltman
Cafe Cafe - Patrick Downing
Soft Gun - Alexandria Begin
Home Plate - Brett McCartney
Dream - Bhavani Shanker
A Fish Story - Matt Birman
The Percy Harris Story - Brian Lutes
Buffurducken - Lisa Hodsoll
Rulers of Darkness - Dale Windle
Eat.Sleep.Repeat - Colin Grant

Animation Competition
Luisito Adrenalina - Emanuel Lew
Uprooted - Brett Wilson
The Hopper - Alex Bruel Flagstad
King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields - Tunde Reid-Kapo
Dan, Ann and their Magic Band - Adrian James Dhalla
Fatal Vittles - Devin Bell
Old Angel - Dony Chaing
Vengeance + Vengeance - Mark Chavez
Retrocognition - Eric Patrick
Vernal Equinox - Haiwei Hou

Canadian Film Competition
Brelle - Paul Plett
Monster - Tyler Moore
Truth - J.S. Johnson
Lovesuck - Tomah Mackie
The Passage - Sarah Lipi
Beauty and The Breast - Liliana Komorowska
One Way - Alexander Jeffery
The Nomads of Oz - Jason Rodi
Resight - Sama Waham
To Save One's Self - Matthew Campbell  

Documentary Competition
American Veterans: Discarded and Forgotten - Gary Null, Richard Polonetsky
Hit Me with Music - Miquel Galofre
Music City - Chris McDaniel
Canada's Best Kept Secret - Greg Deliso
Occupy Wall Street: We are the 99% - Michael Periman
The Last Ocean - Peter Young
Seadrift vs. The Big Guy - Randall Dark
The Eleventh Day - The Survivors of Munich 1972- Emanuel Rotstein
Trusting Todd - Kevin Welch
Uprising - Fredrik Stanton

Music Video Competition
Malk De Kojin "En Gang" - Kira Richards Hansen
A Pocket Full of Hope - Jeff Wyatt Wilson
Magic Rabbit 2 - Tatsuhiro Kimijima
But I Do - Katherine Chloe Cahoon
The Silent Sleeper Trilogy - Herman Wang
Vucciria - Michele Di Salle
The Light That Died in My Arms - Alan Foreman
Traveller - Sam Chegini
Rush - Bernhard Wenger and Rupert Hoeller
Brittle Crystal - Llya Kolesnikov

Screenplay Competition
"The Last Stand at Coyote Yelp Pass" written by Lane Bristow
"Blackmail" written by Daniel Allen Cox
"Silent Partner" written by Philip Henson
"Night of the Long Shadows" written by Keith Holmberg
"Lost" written by Karl Heinrich
"BaSatai: Outside in" written by Susan Battah
"The Bar Mitzvah Heist" written by Nicholas Lester
"No One Faster" written by John Bain
"Seeking Hope" written by Serim Yilmaz
"Mops and Stones" written by Sujay Kumar Pande

Short Film Competition
Home - Lawrence Lam
Aurelia - Victor Ghizaru
Gassal - Merve Ince
Slashed - Chad Schultz
Heavens Rage - Ken Cole
Stalled - Shannon Kohli
Devil's Night - Mandip Sandhu
Dancing in Ashes - Jordan Barnes-Crouse
Memories of Love - Eva Daoud
Josephine and the Roach - Jonathan Langager

Student Film Competition
Lucid Dream - Grace Lee
Arkadasim Erhan - Khurrum Sultan
Abracadabra! - Catriona Warren
Nora - Michael Peer
Mothers Milk - Andy DeJohn
Memsaab is Good Now? - Adrienne Ostberg
Treeman - Claire Ying-Chin Wang
The Sight Is Not Blocked Anymore - Hamidreza Samkay
The Real Thing - Yamil Cure
Life Through a Lens - Ellenor Argyropoulos

2013 Award of Excellence Winners

Feature Competition
Sillu - S. Kajan
July - Kiril Stankov
Confine - Tobias Tobbell
MoonPi - Montetre X
The Dead Experiment - Anthony Dixon
Partav - Dilnawaz Muntazir
Limbus - Brandon Nicholas
Antennas to Heaven - Kevin Tuck
The Astronaut - Adam Lemmey
Carla - Eli Hershko

Animation Competition
Doo-Da-Doo-Da - Kath Maclean
Moon Cakes - Chang Liu
Junkvill - Lee Sophia
The Seventh Star - Wen Huang
Kitchen Robot: Tomato Soup Recipe - Santiago Florez
The Case of the Midnight Murderer - Dylan Moore
SkyChaos - Li Jin, XiaoMing Zhang
I'll Be Your Mirror - Vita Weichen Hsu

Canadian Film Competition
Laughing Out Loud - Daniel Clements
Dracula, Lord of the Damned - Theodore Trout
On the Edge - Danielle Sunley
In The End - Ishwar Maisuria
The Commitment - Albert Chan
Thanksgiving Wishes - D.J Sweet
Angela Wright - Mu Sun
The Shape of Rex - Layne Coleman and William Hominuke
Project Breakwater - Brian Clement
Hunting Season - Will Bowes

Documentary Competition
Native Young - Matt Lemay
Quest for Energy - Vinit Parmar
Medicare's Orphans - Jean Lewis, David Marley
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Daniel Schmidt
Paw Prints - Serena's Story - Peter Whitehead
40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy - Robert Lemelson
Der Schneekonig - Johannes Edelhoff
Our Far South - Hunter Abbey
Pedro Opeke, Dober Prijatelj - Joze Mozina
Money and Honey - Ching-Hui Lee

Music Video Competition
La Femme - Sophie Olson
Winter In Hollywood - Yang Hau Hu
The Last Job - Leevi Lemmetty
Vimy Ridge - Lucho Soldevilla
Grace and Beauty - Julie Robinson and Lorraine Purvin-Good
El Duelo - Jennifer Nicole Stang
Old Man and the Bird - Katie Kapuza
Sexy - Dee Shin
My Dream Girl - Carlos Hurtado
Crazytown - Jared Sagal, Dane Boles, Ryan Kralik, Matt Powell

Screenplay Competition
"Outside the Wire" written by Rob Yescombe
"The German" written by Greg Schleen
"Sea of Bitterness" written by Majdi Abu-shehadeh
"Going MADison" written by Kevin Holmes
"Winslow and the Emperor" written by D.H. Martin
"The Abyss of Pain" written by David Sabbath
"Old River Road" written by Luciana Lagana and Gregory Graham
"A Debt in Blood" written by Francis Jay
"Island Taxi" written by Judy Maharaj
"R.E.M.I" written by Remigijus Miciulis

Short Film Competition
Men at Sea - Felix Lamarche
The Monster Infant - Neil Warren
So Close - Adam Bradley
Last Night's Symphonie - Adam Grannick
Sophia's Doll - Wilfred Tangid
The Things My Father Never Taught Me - Burleigh Smith
Time out of Mind - Addie Manis
Singularity - Ben Silbergarb
The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom - David Antoniuk
Fifty-Eight - Ron Devitt
Tomorrow - Luke Bradford

Student Competition
Afterlife - Nicholas Reynolds
God Natt, God Morgen - Patrick Miles Widdop
Kia Kaha - Kat France
Edge of Destruction - Fei Xiang
Skogen Konge - Audun Seisjord Bratlie
Nude - Quinn Wilson
Bro - Prasong Siphachadiwong
Apron Strings - Scott Reyonds
Chairman - Annalisa Barron
A Mother is Born - Katie Stringer