2012 Winners



Its in the Blood
Grand Prize Award
It's in the Blood - Scooter Downey
When a father and son become stranded in the wild, they must confront the horrors of their past to escape with their lives.

7 Years Underground Special Jury Prize
7 Years Underground: A 60's Tale - Jason M. Solomon
In 1964, co-club owners, Howard and Elly Solomon were finally granted "unique" cabaret license and the Cafe Au Go Go opened its doors on February 7.  Six weeks later with mounting legal bills and depleting funds the couple were quickly going out of business. With few options, Howard and Elly made a desperate, late minute attempt to keep the club open and reached out to popular comedian, Lenny Bruce. Two days into Lenny's performance he was arrested and booked for obscenity charges, alone with Howard and Elly. That historic arrest, and the international press it garnered would put the Cafe Au Go Go on the entertainment world map.

Special Jury Prize
Angels - Zachary Kerschberg

A rural, American family in the 1930's is rattled by a home birth of a severely disabled child.  When the young daughter, herself disabled, sees her father's disappointment, she attempts to fix the baby in the barn.

The Lady of Names
Special Jury Prize
The Lady Of Names - Adam Ciolfi
A beautiful librarian discovers the power of magic when an ill-conceived wish catapults her into the world of fairy tales. She falls into the clutches of the Troll King, a monster obsessed with imprisoning all the fairy tale folk. Her only hope for rescue is Zack Driscoll, a young handyman in love with her.  Armed with knowledge, Zack and his friends race back to the tower thereby setting the stage for the last epic battle between our heroes and the armies of the Troll King.

The Small Assassin
Special Jury Prize
The Small Assassin - Chris Charles
After giving birth to their first child, a couple suspects their newborn baby is plotting to kill them. As time passes Alice's depression takes a turn for the worse, and she becomes convinced that the baby is conspiring against her. David must decide if his wife is loosing her mind, or if the child is plotting their doom. 'The Small Assassin' is based on the short story by legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.

A Documentary About Love
Best Canadian Film
A Documentary About Love - Paul Plett
Regardless of education, class, or experience everyone has something to say about love... all you really need to do is ask. This film examines Canadians' perspectives, from Halifax to Vancouver, on a feeling that flirts with articulation, a theme arguably intuitive but rarely discussed, a commonplace word that eludes explanation. 

Works in Progress
Best Feature Film
Works in Progress - Stephen Wallace Pruitt
Seeking a new style, Patrick brow-beats John into helping him create a new work, 'Spontaneous Generation,' which is shown during a gallery tour, purchased by a leading dealer, and immediately acclaimed by a major critic. A romantic comedy/drama which follows the lives of two recent small-town college art graduates and a successful, yet unfulfilled insurance professional during a magical summer in 'the big city.'

Intermission Time
Best Animation
Intermission Time - Michael Degg
Once the show begins at this drive-in theater, the concession stand closes for the concession clerk to have his nightly show. However, on this particular night his victims seek revenge.

Best Coming of Age
Play - Johnny Ma
A 12 year old Chinese boy, who does not speak english, tries to make friends on his first day of school in Harlem, New York.

Best Comedy
Bip Bip - Philippe Gregoire 
Francis wants to fall asleep beside the woman he loves, however...

Best Director
Insomniac - Tarek Sursock
An insomniac struggles to find his sleep again. Desperate for release, he tries every possible remedy in vain. Broken nights follow endless days. Mysterious events start to take place in his apartment. Are these for real or is sleep deprivation driving him mad?

Silent Veil
Best Documentary
Silent Veil - Milt Alvarez
This is a story of the strength and resilience of the human spirit of girls who have been brutalized in Pakistan and of a woman who is helping for them rise above this life changing event.  In spite of their injuries, these women are determined to continue their lives, achieve self reliance with fortitude and restore their pride. Though for many their physical beauty may have been taken away, their inner beauty and strength remains firmly intact.

For God and Ulster
Best Drama
For God and Ulster - Gregory Breen
Fred Smith is a broken man. A former terrorist, he is haunted by his career in Northern Ireland as a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force. Now he talks over his past with therapist Dr. Andrea O'Donnell, and long buried secrets are about to be revealed.

undercard can
Best Action 
The Undercard - Sarah B. Downey 

Dylan a young mother is forced back into a life of crime in order to find out information about the kidnapping of her son. She partners up with her old crew which leads her to an underworld of bare knuckle fights, mobsters, and ruckus. Dylan finds out that her husband hasn't been truthful, and a young detective informs her that she has the grandson of one of the most powerful west coast mobsters. A story of a woman chalking everything to the game.

Best Experimental Film
Alter - Petros Antoniadis
For a painter who paints with his hands comes a time when society ignores him. Then, when the conflict of the way he has chosen with the way everybody else is working (painting with brushes) is tearing him apart, his alter ego appears in his life showing him the way... The way of listening to what you are meant to...

Broken Glass
Best Foreign Film
Broken Glass - Adam Wareham
Family. Friends. Life. It all just happens, but can you handle it when it does? 17-year-old Lou is living in two worlds, juggling the jigsaw of a double life that just won’t click. She’s handling the curve ball of daughter Rosie the best she can but can’t give up her teenage existence…it’s the only way she knows how to be.

Quiet at Dawn
Best Short Film
Quiet at Dawn - Rob Blackie
A World War 1 soldier has to watch over another soldier whom he falsely accused of desertion and whom will executed at dawn for cowardice.

Dont Wake Me
Best Music Video
Don't Wake Me Up - Lydia Galeno
A dancer loses his sight and is is very injured after an accident. He wakes up weak and desperate but he tries to move around his room full of memories. He crashes and gives up many times but something inside him keeps fighting. His alter-ego, a brilliant dancer, walks him through his battle reminding him of the importance to stand up and fight for what he loves.

Breathe of Fresh Air
Best Screenplay
Breath of Fresh Air - Olesia Shewchuk
Travis wants to air a new side of himself to his flawless girlfriend, Amanda. He's going to take their relationship to the next level… will this act rip them apart? In this cute romantic comedy short film, one man's expectations pass through the ultimate test.

Best Thriller
Beneath - Christopher Fernandez
Beneath is a psychological retelling of the classic story of Orpheus and Eurydice. After an affair, Angie pleads for her husband, Justin, to return. When Justin turns up in a coma Angie is driven by her guilt to discover the cause of his illness, save her husband and redeem herself.

Best Family Film
Brightest - Michael Barker
Gillian is an imaginative young girl, dealing with the absence of her father. Her mother has since moved forward and has become romantically involved with Colm, a man making every effort to impress Gillian. Gillian constantly pushes Colm away as she struggles to accept the fact that he is going to be a part of her life, making it very difficult for Colm to win her over.

Best Student Film
Wall - Meng Qiao Li
This is a story about the leading character and his younger brother during World Wall II. At that time, just like many Germans, this pair of brother is deeply overwhelmed by the enormous charisma of their Fuhrer-Adolf Hitler. This fanatic personality cult makes the younger brother a Schutzstaffel soldier and pushes him into the front-line. Because of physical disability, the leading character can't dedicate himself to the battlefields. Therefore the resorts to the might of pen to express his unswerving support for the NAZI war. However, the leading character, his younger brother and thousands of other people whose eyes are being covered by Hitler will ultimately face the reality of the war...

Best First Time Director
Don't Even Know Her - Rachel Thompson
A heartfelt comedy about two female meth users who must confront their maternal instincts as they steal a baby stroller for quick cash. The short film explores urban themes of women, drug addiction and motherhood in a buoyant yet honest way. A young British party girl and a drug weathered Aboriginal woman playfully try to secure their next fix, and, in the end, they help one another face a painful reality with the same optimism.

Best Sports Film
Winter - Steve Bellamy
“Winter” takes viewers into the history of US skiing through the 10th mountain division, the ski division that helped win World War II with their triumph in Italy. Those same soldiers came back and birthed the ski industry. Like last year’s film “The Story” which won awards at 12 Film Festivals, “Winter” chronicles the quirky, unusual and astonishing.


2012 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition Winners

The Canada International Film Festival is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition.

Grand Prize Winners
1st Place: "Resilience" written by Lena Slachmuijlder
2nd Place: "Image" written by Spiral Jackson
3rd Place: "Hockey Night in Cromdale" written by Penny Frazier

Official Finalists
"Black Warrior of Pyramid Lake" written by Myrton Running Wolf
"Blank Paige" written by Kevin Holmes 
"Dance a Crooked Smile" written by Tom Mcintire
"Dead Letter Office" written by Richard Herstek
"Fin Chaser" written by Maria Cozzi
"Hoop" written by Dianne Dempsey
"Indifferent" written by E.L. Walker
"Pinned" written by Tory John Clemente
"Sole" written by Allee Pitaccio
"The Amulet" written by Pam Hunter
"The O Shaped Mouth" written by Shephali Frost
"The Transcenders" written by Paul Dupree

Honorable Mentions
"Bus 77" written by Joe Barton
"Chief Red Iron: The Lakota Uprising" written by Gregory Heitmann
"Halfway Home" written by David Schroeder
"Muscinae" written by Akiko Carver
"One Shot" written by Kami Riggar
"Ragtime" written by Burleigh Smith
"The Amazing Martin Greenbaum" written by Jeffrey  Pfeiffer
"The Ghostwriter" written by Rick Doehring
"The Life and Afterlife of Jing Jing Wang" written by Jamie Read

2012 Rising Star Award Winners

Feature Competition
9 Eleven - Manan Singh Katohora
A Beginning - Omoi Sasaki
Bedouin - Igor Voloshin
Crazy Eyes - Adam Sherman
I am Nasrine - Tina Charavi
Luo Love - Wang Yong
Man and Earth - Christian Cisneros
Runaway - Amit Ashraf
Spots - Aldo Tardozzi
The Winner - Wieslaw Saniewski

Animation Competition
An Okay Place to Eat - Andrew Racho
Blind Luck - Diane Aarts
Budding Love - Michael Tse
Kayla the Koala Bear - Muta'Ali Muhammad
Little Gobie - Tony Tang
My Grandfather's Ship - Trevor Jones
Sinsis - Carmen Lloret
Tegan the Vegan - Marisa Martin
The Game - Marcin Janiec
The Menu - Jessie and Valerie Lemelin & Violaine Roussel-Bongiovanni

Canadian Film Competition
A Little Bit Zombie - Casey Walker
Hit Me! - Daniel Jeffery & Vladimir Fedulov
Love, At Last - Alexander Jeffery

Documentary Competition
Arabic Fusion: The Sound Between The Notes - Cyril Eberle
Born To Be Our Children: Romanian Adoption Stories - Alex King
Cultures of Resistance - Iara Lee
Defining Diversity, Creating Community - Tony Papa
Mark Lombardi: Death-defying Acts of Art and Conspiracy - Mareike Wegener
One Problem - Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi
Patriot Guard Riders - Ellen Frick
Rett: There is Hope - Jason Rem
The Free China Junk - Robin Greenberg
The Power of the Poor with Hernando de Soto - Jim Taylor

Music Video Competition
Chapel Song - Matthew Mills
Hollow - Kim Furst
House on Normandy - Marco Bottiglieri
Legalize - Jillie Simon & Thomas Simon

Screenplay Competition
"Coming from the Void" written by Achille D'Onofrio
"Cuba the Diva" written by Andre Gaumond
"Freedom at Midnight" written by Jeffrey Ryback
"In the Zone" written by Alexander Futuric
"Snuffed" written by Rob Paul & Eric Myles
"Ten Tors" written by Rob Yescombe
"The Forgotten Night" written by Brian A. Beckwith
"Third Degree Lovers" written by Sasha Alexander
"Through Laura’s Eyes " written by Donna Adams
"We're All Crazy Now" written by Alexander Futuric

Short Film Competition
108.1 FM Radio - Giuseppe Capasso & Angelo Capasso
Aftermath - Meghan Sardar
Blood Hollow - Brad Gaylard
Code 5 - Sven Soukup & Andy Ahluwalia
Dark Horse Candidate - Jason Britski
Daylight Savings - Marc-Andre Miron
Eden - Shinya Isobe
Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale - Alison Parker
Small Town Glory - Mary Nighy
Walt Disney Square - Renata Pinheiro

Student Film Competition
A Dark Room - Jason Leonard
Adam's Tallit - Justin Olstein
Eyes Shut - Julia Ziesche
Look to the Cookie - Lindsay Lindenbaum
Made in China - Kellen Moore
Of Hope and a Memoried Day - Nicholas Reynolds
She Wore Red - Eva Lampert
The Guest - Colin Racicot
Unmanned - Casey Cooper Johnson
We Met Online - Yingqian Wang

2012 Royal Reel Winners

Feature Competition
An Human - Koushik K.R.
Brush - Shiyan Zheng
Life! Camera Action... - Rohit Gupta
Love You To Death - Rafeeq Ellias
Peter: A Study for a Portrait of a Serial Killer - Skip Kite
Slave - Jorgo Papavassiliou
The Kronicles of Scott Green and Marty Haze - Jonathan Rice & Michael Mankowski
The Final Hour - Diego Velasco
The View - Tanveer Goyal
Train to Stockholm - J. Erik Reese

Animation Competition
8 Second Dance - Trey Moya & Howard Cook
Dead Technology - Adam Tinius
Death Buy Lemonade - Kyu-bum Lee
Kiss - Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry
Pig Sale - Xifeng Chen
Tantalus - Rosa Peris Medina
The Mark - Lucius Dechausay
The Missing Key - Jonathan Nix
Thistle - Sarah Eason
Wolfy's Journey - Leat Klingman

Canadian Film Competition
Goombah Goodbye - Jerry Rector
Nawzad Lost - Costa Moshopoulos
Seven Years - Larry Bain

Documentary Competition
78 Days - Jason Nardella
Bringing King to China - Kevin McKieman
Brooks: The City of 100 Hellos - Brandy Yanchyk
Conceiving Family - Amy Bohigian
Destino: A Contemporary Dance Story - Caswell Coggins
Inside Asian Sweatshops: The Struggle to Enforce Workers' Rights - Frank Sieren
Lights of India - Holger Klussmann
Mary and Bill - Andrew Napier
On the Trail of Sitting Bull - Ece Soydam
Opening Night - Dan Guntzelman

Music Video Competition
Good Morning - Jieting Chen
Just Another Thing - Jon Reno
One Two Three Cheers and a Tiger: The Dream - Thomas Christian Eichtinger & Daniel Prochaska
So Petty by Everything Under (EU) - Rishi Ganju & Benjamin Zuiker

Screenplay Competition
"A Clear Field" written by Paul Lomartire & Anne Rodgers
"An Untimely Manner" written by Ronald Litzenberger
"Bare Knuckle Days" written by Neil Chase
"Game of Spade" written by Majdi Abu-shehadeh
"In a Small City in Belgium" written by Carlo Bordone
"RnR: Revenge and Redemption" written by Paul Erskine
"Sectional Heart" written by Jocelyne Morin-Nurse
"The Codex" written by Joseph Gueron
"Transhumans" written by Alex Sobol
"Who Shot Hinkus" written by Alicia Thorgrimsson

Short Film Competition
10 Steps - Sami Saydan
A Golden Age - Pascal Plante
A Mass of Wine - Joanne L. Harris
Habibti - Nour Wazzi
Last Kind Word - Jay Wolting & Tom Nestman
Little Moon Lost - Jennifer Treuting
My House is Cloudy - Karim Azimi
Run - Shelagh McLeod
The Delusion - David Jones
Two Wasted Lives - John Kennedy

Student Film Competition
A Lesson in a Box - Victoria Kohl
A New Life - Adrienne Ostberg
Cigar Right? - Luran Xiao
Eric - Paul Mahon
Her Daughter's Eyes - Kirsten Stanley
Neighbors - Tracy Wren
Stuck - Martin W. Andersen
The Bridge - Dylan Paffe
The Maiden and The Princess - Ali  Scher
The Orphan's Tale - Katerine Lefrançois

2012 Award of Excellence Winners

Feature Competition Beach Spike - Tony Tang
Flutter - Stephen Leslie
In Love with Alma Cogan - Tony Britten
Last Night At Emilio's - Dom Farelli
Ocean State - Ted Ryan
Pictures of Lilly - Richard Dorfman
Spinning Kite - Satoshi Kase
The Custom Mary - Matt Dunnerstick
The Good, the Bad and the Coyote - Tyler Farr
The Perfect Crime - Rose Kelly

Animation Competition
Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens - Nayeem Mahbub
Libidinis - Rosa Peris Medina & Mercedes Peris
Miscellaneous - King Anne-Lise
Power A La Carte - Anamary Ramos Rugerio & Juan Pablo Flores Vazquez
Secret Life of Objects: Outhouse - Nathan Jones
The Clone and the Tree of Life - Tak Salmastyan
The Jockstrap Raiders - Mark Nelson
The Performance of Drowning - Terry Galloway
The River, the Water, the Men... - Manuel Matos Barbosa
Worlds Apart - Michael Zachary Huber

Canadian Film Competition
Azienda - Joshua A. Webber & Michael Girgenti
Howls - Jamie Tracey
Into The Fire - Dan Dicks
The Waking - John Stead

Documentary Competition
Beagle Boogie Babe - Paul Gorman
Broken Mike - Michael Agostini
From Nomad to Nobody - Michael Buckley
In Our Ghetto - Marcus Werner Hed
My Freedom, Your Freedom - Diana Naecke
Nefarious: Merchant of Souls - Benjamin Nolot
Nuttin' Bafflin' - Allison Wilmarth
Plainclothes Agents - Sarem Yadegari
Prison Through Tomorrow's Eyes - Paul Sutton
The Doctor's Wife - Jonathan Duffy

Music Video Competition
A Fatuous Fire - Ji In Kim
Time is of the Essence - André Chocron
Wait For Amateur - Shayna Connelly
Winter - Leyla Modirzadeh

Screenplay Competition
"Can Richard Come Out and Play?" written by Richard Knapp
"In the Turn" written by Toni-Ann Lagana & Garrett Schwind
"Lobison" written by Joe Tuffy Tofuri
"Mi Amor" written by Jennifer Cummings
"Mother: A Russian Fairytale" written by Jordan Tamblyn
"My Autopsy" written by Holly Reece
"Mzungu Sleeping" written by Murat Bilgincan
"Take the Long Way Home" written by Lee Olivas
"The Bar Mitzvah Heist" written by Nicholas Lester
"The Parting Glass" written by William Cahill

Short Film Competition
2 Tonne Hands - Liam Clarke
7 Minutes - Carlos Hagene
A Cure to War - Patrick Heaphy
Awakening - Kyle Thomas
Death by Hot Wings - Josh Litman
Finding Eric - Robert Coppa & Scott Maybury
Love and War - Lautaro Gabriel Gonda
One Wish - Jim Calarco
Pack of Jokers - Justin Sanchez
Tempo - Christopher Fisher & Chris Heffernan
The Anchor - Luke Daniels
The Notebook - Jorge Orellana

Student Competition
Aloneliness - Sid Bodalia
Cannabism - Eric Greer
Common Ground - Hollie Fifer
Derek & Lucas - Raymond Yeung
Haxx - Amit Tishler
Impetuous - Michael Tanner Cusumano
The Last Days of Shaniko - Laura DeBar
The Rink - Thelon Oeming
What Level? - Lindsey Manning
Why Does God Hate Me? - Joel Ashton McCarthy