2009 Winners

Vancouver Skyline

The Canada International Film Festival proudly announces its 2009 award winners.

A Line in the Sand

Grand Jury Award / Best Feature - A Line In The Sand (USA)

Something to Eat, A Place to Sleep

Audience Award - Something to Eat, A Place to Sleep & Someone Who Gives A Damn


Best Documentary - Crawford (USA)

Open Your Eyes

     Best Director - Open Your Eyes (USA)


                     Best Foreign Feature - Summer Scars

Stolen Youth

Best Foreign Short - Stolen Youth (UK)

In Vivid Detail

                Best Student Film - In Vivid Detail (


         Best Experimental Film - The Double (USA)


          Best Animated Film - Midnight Matinee (Canada)

Karearea: The Pine Falcon

Best Environmental Film - Karearea: The Pine Falcon
(New Zealand)


          Best Music Video - Crystal (Canada)


     Best Family Film - Alba (Italy)

Something to Eat, A Place to Sleep

Best Humanitarian Film / Best Documentary Short - Something To Eat, A Place To Sleep & Someone W
ho Gives A Damn  (Canada)


     Rising Star Award - Intercom (United Kingdom)

Best of Canada - Nobody (Canada)

Best Short Film - Fool Moon (Canada)

Write Brothers Screenplay Competition Winners

1st Place                      
"Alone" written by Tracey Thomas
2nd Place                     
"Picture Man" written by Broderick Fox
3rd Place                    
"Forevering" written by Jennifer Reeder

Official Finalists

"Fireworks" written by Hannah Robinson and Jonathan R. Hall
"Sophronia L." written by Tim Bridwell
"Snakehead" written by Wenhwa Ts'ao
"The Spinning Wheel" written by Natasha Saunders
"Fat Chance" written by Kevin Conlon
"Rock Hard, Big Dick's" written by Thomas O'Conner
"The Bottle Tree" written by David Yoon
"When Duty Calls" written by Michelle Muldoon
"The Box" written by Ilksen Basarir and Mert Firat
"Flesh & Blood" written by Terry O'Brien
"Countdown To Bliss" written by Michael Jon Levin
"Mad Dogz and English Men" written by Joel Wein

Honorable Mentions

"Lady Jazz" written by Jean Hunter
"My Angel Wore Stripes" written by John Maffucci
"For Love and Glory" written by Mike Perry
"My Khrushchev September" written by Martin Lager
"Kid Leopold" written by Michael Dennis
"Greg, Winnie and God" written by Jeff McCutchen
"The Beginning of the End" written by C.N. Bean
"The Elevator" written by Beverly Terry and Bill Tolson
"Lemonade" written by John Spinoso
"The Miracle of Isabella Herrera" written by Jomo Merrit

2009 Official Finalists

Animation Competition
To The Top Of The World
Outside Agitator
Chilly Beach: The Canadian President
The Death Of An Official
Check Date, An Underdog Love Story
There's Nothing To Eat
A Long Distance Call
Love Notes

Canada Film Competition

Circle Up Now
Cat's Cradle
Bay City
The Long Wooden Tobogganist
The Funeral... Again!
The Distant
A Pickle
Over Land

Documentary Film Competition

And In Love I Live
Love It And Leave It
YB Box
Unseen Devotion
Return of the NiƱa
Tea On The Axis Of Evil
House of Numbers
It's In the Blood: Leo Abshire & the Cajun Tradition
Life Is A Dream In Cinema - Pola Negri
Toyo's Camera
Full Cover Girl
The Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery
The Day After Peace
The Brassy Bands
Israel. Letter to A Friend
Ice Bears of the Beaufort
The Legend of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Feature Film Competition

The Last Homecoming
Teputz: The Tyranny Of Paradox
Aisha And Rahul
Oysters Without A Shell
Hooked On Speedman
Sky in December
Pinko's Place
The Beautiful Blue Danube
VIP... Very Important Prisoners
In Fear and Faith
No Coincidence
Angels, Devils and Men
Tink's Kitchen
Shadows of the Past
Four Stories Of St. Julian
Radio Cape Cod
Man In A Box
The Closest Mexico to Japan

Music Video Competition

Rusty Truck - 'Luck's Changing Lanes'
It's a Hot World
Wish I Was Dead
Chiasm - 'Someone'
Lead Me To Your Light
Love Cream Pie
Heat Wave Rave -- 'Stop Global Warming!'

Short Film Competition
Fantasie In Bubblewrap
The Constant Father
The Baby
Tage Wie Yahre (Days Like Years)
I See You
The Stressful Adventures Of Boxhead & Roundhead - Brothers In Arms
The Miracle Of Reminaing Alive
Lady's Night
A September To Remember
Courting With Justice
Perfect To Begin
Norman Normal: A Modern Metamorphosis
Talking Dead, Silent Living
The Dark City

Student Film Competition

The Furthest the ViewReaches
The Matchstick Traveller
The Donkey
Silent Scars
Animal Crackers
The Night Wood
the Adventures of Ledo and Ix
Ten Letters
Revenge Tragedies
Forever Hold Your Peach
Passing Fancy
The Lost Toy
Old Grace
The Last Yoghurt
My Best Friend

2009 Honorable Mentions

Foreign Documentary Competition
Filming Dreams
Welcome to Hebron

Music Video Competition

Memories of an Undefined Image

Documentary Film Competition

Ein Weites Feld - Expansive Grounds
The Human Spider

Feature Film Competition

Run It
Poetic Holocaust
The Life and Death of Gotel Botel

Music Video Competition

Rusty Truck - 'Luck's Changing Lanes'
It's a Hot World
Wish I Was Dead
Chiasm - 'Someone'
Lead Me To Your Light
Love Cream Pie
Heat Wave Rave -- 'Stop Global Warming!'

Short Film Competition
Flirting with the Outcome
Run Edward, Run
The Worst Ever Made
Hungry God

Screenplay Competition

For Love and Glory
Greg, Winnie and God
Kid Leopold
Lady Jazz
My Angel Wore Stripes
My Khrushchev September
The Beginning of the End