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What are the categories of films accepted?
We accept films and screenplays of all categories, lengths, and genres.

What are the deadlines for the 2017 season?
Early Bird - May 31, 2017                                              
Regular Deadline - August 31, 2017                                                   
Late Deadline - November 30, 2017
Extended Deadline - January 31, 2018

What are the fees?                                                                            
Early Bird - Short: $19 / Feature: $29                                       
Deadline - Short: $29 / Feature: $39                                               
Late Deadline - Short: $39 / Feature: $49 
Extended Deadline:
Short: $49 / Feature: $59 

Is there a student fee?                                                                         
Yes, students receive a discount of $10.

How long is a short film?
Films under 50 minutes are considered short films.

How long is a feature film?                                                               
Films over 50 minutes are considered feature films.

Should I send a press kit?
No, we select based only on the merits of the films themselves.

How is a film eligible for the Best of Canada Award?
A film is eligible for the Best of Canada Award if any of the key filmmakers currently live in Canada, were born in the country, or if the film was primarily shot in the country.

When will I find out if my film is accepted? 
The Official Selections will be announced about one month prior to the festival.

Are there awards?
Yes, awards, and in some cases prizes, are presented in all categories for the top films and filmmakers.

Is there an age requirement for the film festival?                     
Filmmakers of any age can submit a film provided that it is legal for minors submit in your jurisdiction or that you have your parent's consent.