What People Are Saying

Vancouver Aerial

"Thanks again for a wonderful time Canada International Film Festival. Any reason I have to come to Canada I will. You made it even better!"

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize Winner
Paul Ellington
New York, NY

"After being rejected by 47 of 50 festivals I had entered, when I was given an award by about the second or third to last one, I couldn't believe it wasn't some kind of joke, but it was really a big deal! People were there from all over the world, and were really thrilled to be thereā€¦I was stunned. I can't thank you enough. I said something about Marlon Brando because I didn't want to bum anyone out with the whole recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury thing, but it really was a long journey from the horror of the aneurysm to the dawning realization that I had actually achieved real recognition. Thanks again!"

Award of Excellence Winner
Theodore Trout
Salt Spring Island, BC

"Thank you for hosting such a wonderful festival. We had a great time and hope to be back!"

Award of Excellence Winner
Amy Mathews
New York, NY

"CIFF committee and volunteers, you put on a great show for all of us. Thank you. You set the bar high for 2014!"

Rising Star Award Winner
Jeffrey A. Russel
Toronto, ON

"Thanks CIFF! Cool international event!"

Royal Reel Winner
Liliana Komorowska
Montreal, QC

"Thank you so much for wonderful event last night. So excited that my screenplay won!"

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize Winner
Amy Jo Johnson
Toronto, ON

"Jacob and I just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to you. Thanks so much for this wonderful award, we truly feel honored to have got this recognition (Rising Star) from The Canadian International Film Festival."

Rising Star Award Winner
Deborah Gillam-Harry
Surrey, BC

"I just got back from Vancouver, still smiling from such a nice event. It's becoming more difficult to produce, write and direct documentaries and fiction. That's why the Canada International Film Festival is vital to promote our films, network with colleagues and nurture future films. I'm proud to have the Rising star award 2013. I will definitely send next year the new documentary I'm working on right now. Thank you again!"

Rising Star Awards Winner
Alejandro Pereira
Hamilton, BC

"Really, really enjoyed my time in Vancouver at your amazing festival - thanks ever so much for the invite!"

Screenplay Competition Winner
Michael Zamanis
Richmond Hill, ON

"Once again I am beyond honored to have received a prestigious Royal Reel Award from this great festival for my film Resight. The festival was wonderful, all your staff and employees were extremely helpful and pleasant. I look forward to coming back to future festivals as a participating and hopefully a winning filmmaker again!"

Royal Reel Winner
Sama Waham
Oakville, ON

"Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the whole team at CIFF. I had a great time at the events and really enjoyed my stay in Vancouver. The festival was incredibly well organized and everyone I spoke to really enjoyed it! Thanks for all your hard work and big smiles!"

Best Screenplay Winner
Bret MacDonald
Montreal, OC

"First, I'd like to thank the committee for recognizing Grace and Beauty as worthy of an Award of Excellence at the Film Festival. Our team is honored that our work was recognized and that we were chosen to receive the award. For myself, I am encouraged to continue to tell my stories. And second, thank you for providing us the opportunity for an amazing weekend, traffic gridlocks aside. It was great mixing with like minded people who have the desire to tell their story on film. There were a lot of first-timers such as myself in attendance and everyone was excited to be there regardless of whether our film was being screened or not. Lots of networking ops and cards changing hands. And kudos to Scarlet Tapas for that delicious meal. Thanks again!"

Award of Excellence Winner
Lorraine Purvingood
Whitehorse, YT